Chairman of 'Fund Raising Committee'
As soon as Dr Alfred Sant was elected Leader of the Malta Labour Party in March 1992, he immediately set out to execute the dream of the Party having a modern Headquarters in a more central area. For this purpose he set up a 'Fund Raising Committee' Chaired by Alfred Mifsud.

Super One TV and radio rated as the Best Stations in Malta
As Chairman of One Productions Ltd I re-engineered the organisation which was losing money and audiences and turned it into number 1 media group (Super One Radio and Super One TV) in Malta and operating in a positive cash flow mode with a strong and dedicated management team.

As Consultant to TUMAS group 1986- 1996 converted this family owned group from a timid hotel and property group into a vibrant corporate organisation capable of handling $150 million investment PORTOMASO project (real estate residential apartments, Hilton Hotel, Business tower, conference centre and marina) on its own and very successfully.

Mid-Med Bank plc
As Executive Chairman of Mid-Med Bank I re-vamped the Bank's organisation and profitability pushing the quoted share place 40% during the two years I was in position and having the Bank classified as No 14 in an international list (compiled by Investors Chronicle) of the best run banks from emerging markets. The Bank captured the attention of HSBC who acquired it in 1999.

Mid-Med Bank (HSBC) Minority Shareholders
As Chairman of a minority investors group I organised a campaign against the forced take-over of minority shareholders in Mid-Med Bank by HSBC. This meant that minority shareholders have gained a further 140% increase in their share price from the official acquisition price of the majority shareholding block by HSBC in June 1999.

IPO of Maltacom plc
As a member of the project team for the IPO of Maltacom plc handled the floatation on local and international markets extremely successfully capturing an order book many times over the offer and at prices which initially were thought impossible.

Crsytal Finance Investments Ltd
As Chairman and founder of Crystal Finance Investments Ltd I succeeded to get the franchise of UBS Asset Management to distribute their investment fund products in Malta - the first time UBS delegated such authority to a non-bank third party.