Wednesday, 23 November 2011

So the PN want Labour to explain exactly how they will fund the promised cuts to utility bill!!

Fair enough.  Promises have to be realistic and any party expected to be elected to Government must support its electoral pledges by credible estimates.

Labour said they will do this nearer to the elections not 15 months before.   A lot of things can change in much shorter time so any estimates Labour can give here and now would not be credible.   Nearer to the elections the pledge has to be considred in the context of the overall electoral manifesto.  After all this will be only one of several measures, so Labour would expect to be voted in or out on the basis of the whole manifesto not on a single measure.

But there is someone else who should be spelling out here and now much more crucial measures.   It is the government who on our behalf has guaranteed nothing less than Eur 600 million loans borrowed by Enemalta and Water Services Corporation from local and foreign banks.  This is a 2009 figures and for all I know the figure presently is much larger but we still do not have the 2010 figure let alone the figure for 2011.  The 2010 figure normally would be in the Auditor General Report for 2010 which comes out about this time, but so far not yet available.

Government should explain here and now how these borrowings are going to be repaid without incurring liability on its guarantees and without further rises in utility bills.

Government is governing now and should give us the information here and now not expect less important information from the Opposition who will not be in executive office for at least another 15 months (unless early elections are called).


  1. Good to know that you have embarked on a Blog initiative to supplement your website !!

  2. Tajba wkoll! iridu jafu min issa x'jaghmel hadd iehor jekk sena u nofs ohra jkun fil-gvern u ma jghidulnix kif ser isolvu il problemi t'issa meta huma fil-gvern. Jew se jhallu xi balla dejn mohbija warajhom?