Wednesday, 14 March 2012

PN suffered ‘electoral meltdown’ - Busuttil

The Nationalist Party’s dismal result at this weekend’s local council elections has been described by the Prime Minister’s “special delegate” as “nothing short of an electoral meltdown”.

We must regain people’s trust. Otherwise, we are doomed.
“I take this to be an ultimatum. Unless we get it right in the next 12 months, we are heading for a certain electoral defeat,” MEP Simon Busuttil said yesterday.

Let me offer a friendly piece of advice to the Special Delegate.    Rather than waste your time trying to salvage what is well beyond repair, it is better to bring forward the day after through early elections, and start preparing for sanitising the Party from the corruption and arrogance which 25 years of nearly uninterrupted executive power unavoidably accumulates.    It will take at least two legislatures in oppositon to perform a proper sanitisation.   The period from 1996 - 1998 was too short.  It was a time-out rather than a full scale rehab.

Why two legislatures?   Because during the first one the PN would be in denial arguing that this is just a temporary blip to prove that democratic alternation of power still works and that the electorate would soon realise their mistake and revote the PN in power at the first opportunity. It takes a 2nd electoral defeat for real changes to sink through.    I have seen it all happening at first hand on Labour's side of fence between 1987 and 1996.

So do Malta and the PN a big favour.  Save your energies to where they can really make a difference.

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