Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hagar Qim as it was

How the inside of the temple would have looked, according to Suzanne Psaila’s model.

 The achievement of Ph. D. student Suzanne Psaila in researching and building a virtual model of how Hagar Qim  (HQ) conceptually looked like when it was built by the first inhabitants of the Maltese Island more than five thousand years ago,  fills a huge gap in our history and culture.  It also offers a great opportunity for enhancing  the quality and appeal of cultural tourism to Malta.

See the report in the Sunday Times of 12th August 2012:

Hagar Qim virtual recreation- ST 12 08 2012

Equipped with this knowledge we should now take on a national project, ideal for a public private partnership, for the recreation of a replica of the original HQ somewhere near the neolithic temple itself.   Coupled with professional visual presentations of how the Temple was built and how it was used it would enrich the experience of visitors and would build an aura around the Temple remains which would then be generally off limits to visitors except for a quota which is in line with its long term sustainability and care.

This is an opportunity staring us in the face,  thanks to Ms. Psaila, who will no doubt be rewarded for the commercialisation of her research.    Well done!!

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