Monday, 26 November 2012

A white horse

What happens when somone asks you not to think of a white horse?   Our brain is not wired not to think and inevitably you would think of a white horse.
White Horse Wallpapers
That is exactly what happens to me when I read newspaper headlines like:

"This will not be an election budget" - PM


"Budget an economic tool, not a political tool" - Tonio Fenech

Come off it!!   Who would ever believe that the PN will not be using this last budget before elections as a poltical tool to try to change their fortunes at the polls?    We are seeing measures taken outside the Budget which are clearly meant to recover lost votes.  Initiatives like the Valletta shops scheme announced by Minister Jason Azzopardi are evidently desperate pre-election gimmicks which would justify the Minister stating:

"Winning the election is very tough but doable" - Jason Azzorpardi.

So can you believe that the PN will present anything but a typical pre-election budget as they did before each election they contested when in office?  EU controls do not go as far as limiting the imagination of the Minister of how to use the Budget as an electoral tool.

Sorry - I can't help thinking of a white horse.

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