Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What voters want

I found this quote in an article in today's FT ( Conservatives still fail to grasp the minority vote - James Ganesh) as particularly apt:

"Voters do not judge a party only or even mainly by its manifesto.  Many cannot even name a specific policy commitment even as they mark the ballot paper.  A party stands or falls by the gut impression it creates during sporadic flashes in which voters pay any attention to politics.   Its 'brand'.... is what it lives by".

Seeing the debate between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition on TVM's Reporter yesterday I remained with no doubt about who is capturing the attention of voters, busy as they are with the travails of their daily life, during such rare flashes.

People remember that they are benefiting from lower utility rates,   that they are living in a liberal society respectful of minorities, that they trust government is corrupt-free and giving value for their tax money, and that many are now able to join the work-force through making work pay initiatives.

The brand of the Opposition is that they forgot they were in government for 26 years and did not manage to do what PL government did in just over a year;  and that they are now so confused and clueless that they are promoting ideas that Labour is already committed to implement in this legislature.

A Labour government is not faultless but I do not remember a government that has achieved so much in so little time.

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