Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Euro: A Cure or a Curse for the EU?

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I have pleasure in launching the Essay I have been working upon since my retirement form Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Malta last June 2017.

I believe this Essay provides innovative and possibly controversial thinking of how to achieve a instant, equitable and durable solution for the instability within the  European Monetary Union (EMU) and is possibly the only way  to ensure longevity for the EURO.

I wish to thank all those who helped me in reviewing my drafts and suggesting improvements even if many remained sceptical on the practicality of what is being suggested.

I sincerely hope this adds a different viewpoint on the the problems caused by strong disequilibria within the EMU and that at least it can be considered and discussed.

I would greatly value any feedback.

Click on the link below:

PDF download: The Euro: A Cure or a Curse for the EU

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