Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Let's get on with it (2)

Yesterday another charade in parliament.   This must not go on.   We must not be treated like fools.  They must respect our intelligence.  They must respect the national interest not play political games to position themselves for electoral advantage.

After taking an ultra long Easter break now government says that there is so much parliamentary work on legislation that debates presented by the Opposition have to wait till June to be debated.  Obviously the trick is that they will start in June and half way through the debate parliament is adjourned for summer recess and basically it will never reconvene as the election will be held in late September.   Surely this government cannot present another budget before the elections as that would expose too many holes that are best exposed after the elections.

This must not be allowed to go on.   I am sure there are serious MP's on the government side who have the true national interest at heart and unlike Franco Debono, whose intention is clearly to prolong this government's life but in St Sebastian's way, will call on end to this charade by voting against the two money bills set up for vote on May 9th.

The national interest demands it as much as a year ago it demanded that several government's MP's break away from their party anti-divorce crusade.  Now it demands it even more so that this country can find stability from an electoral decision.    Democaracy must be restored to the people.

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