Friday, 4 May 2012

Not too soon to call

According to Kurt Sansone's  (KS) piece in the Times today general elections remain too soon to call.
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For the PN it is too soon to call because according to KS:

"Dr Gatt  ( Minister Austin Gatt) said internal party research confirmed the results of recent polls showing the PN trailing well behind Labour.

With PN sources insisting that an October election is the most likely of options, Dr Gonzi will use the parliamentary summer recess to reach out to the electorate and try to regain lost ground."
For the PL it is not yet time to call elections because ( according to KS):

"it also gives the Labour Party a chance to oil its electoral machine to perfection"

For Franco Debono the vote of no confidence in Minister Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici will give him the chance to humiliate the Minister without bringing down the government as he would do if he votes against in a money bill.   So for Debono it is not time for general elections because he needs to enjoy ballerina status in parliament for a few more months.  

For Minister Mifsud Bonnici it is not yet time as he needs time to recover from the humiliation that Franco Debono will probably inflict on him in parliament.

Strange thing is that KS failed to ask whether it is time for the country as a whole, for taxpayers and for  the general electorate to proceed to general elections.

KS's contribution is a perfect exmaple of the forma mentis which rules the higher echolons of society i.e. that polticians are elected to serve their political parties, their personal ambitions and their sectorial narrow interest who benefit from their tenure.   No one seems to think that they are elected to serve the country and citizens in general.

As a citizen I have no doubt it is more than time to call general elections.   The economy has just jammed and practically no one is making any investment decisions that can wait till a new government is elected later this year or early next.

Let me repeat what I have already said: the national interest demands that we get on with it.  It is time to put the people in charge again rather seek to squeeze some advantage here and there by holding on while the general interest is prejudiced.  

I rely on the goodwill of PN MP's who unlike Franco Debono are prepared to use their vote for the true national interest rather than for personal objectives.

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