Saturday, 23 June 2012

Oh how things change!

Yesterday I was on ONE TV's breakfast news show arguing that the charade in Parliament has been going on for too long, that this instability is causing concern among consumers and investors who are postponing any decision that can be postponed and in the process hurting economic activity.  

I argued, consistent with my earlier expressions, that the people would be best served if this indecision is brought to an end, the sooner the better, by calling elections.   Once the mandate given by the people cannot be properly executed and it is murkily unclear in what circumstances government has a majority in Parliament and in what circumstances it does not have such majority, the duty of the government is to restore authority to the people by seeking a fresh electoral mandate.

I argued this is what Alfred Sant did in 1998 in the national interest even though he was still one third into the legislature and it is what Lawrence Gonzi should be doing.  And it should be fairly easier for Gonzi to take this gentlemanly route as he is already 4/5ths down the road of this legislature.
Apparently at the same time on TVAM breakfast show on TVM, President Emeritus Dr Edward Fenech Adami was arguing just the opposite, i.e. that the national interest demand that the government stays on till the end of its term.

Press this link for TIMES report about EFA intervention

Specifically he said:

"that it was the government’s duty to govern to the end of the legislature in the national interest. One, therefore, expected everyone to toe the line."
Oh how things change?   Did he say the same thing to Mintoff in 1998 or did he just instigate the opposite?

And would it not be better if our former Presidents pay due respect to the high post they used to occupy by staying above public political debate and if they have to say anything, which I seriously doubt, they do it in private.   Once a President always a President.    The Americans still refer to ex- officials by their title of tenure: Mr President, Madame Secretary, Mr Chairman etc.

Most tend to respect this prudence but Dr Fenech Adami seems to have reverted to his old political role showing that the Presidency was just a parenthesis.

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