Friday, 8 June 2012

The Paradox of the EU (2)

The Economist print cover
Start the engines - Angela

The first article with this title was published on this blog on 9th February 2012 as per link hereunder:

Click here for - The Paradox of the EU (1)

The time for Chancellor Merkel to decide has arrived.    Until some weeks back what was good for the Euro area was not perceived as good for Germany, though even this was debatable if one took a longer term view.   But now we are really at the edge.   If the Euro is not saved Germany would be the biggest loser.   So now yes, whatever point of view one takes, short, medium or long term,  what is good for the Euro area is also good for Germany, at least as the choice of the lesser evil.

The front article in this week's Economist makes this stark assertion.    Its title 'START THE ENGINES - ANGELA'  says there is no more time for dithering or dangerous brinks(wo)manship.

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