Tuesday, 11 September 2012

11 years after 9/11

New World Trade Center
Memories are shorter than most people think.

Today we commemorate the victims of 9/11.  Today we pledge never to forget.

Today we remember the heroes of United Flight 93 that crashed the plane in a deserted field in Pennsylvania to avoid the terrorists from reaching their target in Washington D.C.   We remember the 343 valiant firemen and paramedics who lost their lives trying to rescue others. The 1717 families who never got any remains of the victims to bury their loved ones.

However memories are shorter than 11 years.  How else can one otherwise explain the new buildings being erected on the site of the WTC?   Can't imagine that employees working in these towers, taller than the original twins, can work at ease as they look outside  onto the fountains at the footprints of Towers One and Two.

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