Friday, 24 May 2013

Tonio Fenech bad mouths himself

I could not believe it when I read it in The Times this morning.    See how ex-Minister Tonio Fenech defended himself from accusations that he bad mouthed Malta when he recently met an IMF delegation :

Despite not being named, fingers were immediately pointed at Mr Fenech, who when contacted denied badmouthing the country, adding that he had a clear conscience.

“I had an official meeting with the IMF during which I strongly defended Malta’s position in terms of its banking sector and that it cannot be compared to Greece. As a member of the Opposition I expressed doubts on how much the Government can stick to its financial target. I don’t know if this is considered as badmouthing but I have a clear conscience,” he said when contacted yesterday.

“As any Opposition is expected to do,” he said he had expressed his opinion that the Government was not in control of its finances.

“I didn’t badmouth the Government but I carried out my duty as the Opposition. Is the Government expecting the Opposition not to criticise it? Does it want to muzzle us? If Joseph Muscat is credible in his democratic credentials, he should not call us traitors,” he said.

If you are confused you are sane.  There is nothing wrong with your brain.   But I can't say the same about Tonio Fenech.

The new Labour government adopted the same budget he proposed in November 2012 and he voted for it in parliament.   The deficit figures for 2012 went beyond the 3% under his watch.

So Tonio Fenech is bad mouthing himself.  If he thinks that government is not in control of its finances it is because of the state of finances he left behind.   There is nothing a new government can do in less than three months either to improve what it found or to lose control over a stable situation.

Coming so soon after his stupid atturance that he owes no one any apology for not refunding in full the hush hush EUR 500 per week salary increase he took behind the electorate's back, it would be advisable if Mr Fenech keeps his mouth full of holy water till he recovers from the election shock.

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