Thursday, 15 December 2011

Europe needs a firewall to stabilise markets

John Paulson

If European leaders want to have a practical solution on how to stabilise the market so that the Euro adjustment process can carry on without having the Euro house on fire and simply muddle through from one crisis meeting to another, they should read John Paulson's contribution in the Financial Times of today ( link hereunder).

If the EU leaders have a will to save the Euro,  the solution awaits them.

John Paulson is the investment guru who predicted the housing problems in the US in 2008 and by shorting the markets he made bundles of billions for himself and his investors.  Not everyone lost money in the financial crisis.   Some people who look at fundamentals and can separate the noise from the song,  made a name for themselves and riches for many lives to come.  John Paulson would be at the head to that star list.

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  1. Germany does not want a firwwall. It is not in their interest to solve the crisis. The crisis is highly beneficial to germany as the low Euro rate now at 1.30 to the dollar boosts its exports.

    So Germany clearly wants to prolong the crisis by pushing the weak countries into an austerity induced depression.