Monday, 5 December 2011

Leading by example

Mario Monti

The interim Italian government of technicians of Prime Minister Mario Monti lacks democratic credentials in that it was not elected through the normal democratic process.   However it enjoys the backing of the majority of Italians who see it as a necessary  act to clean up the mess left behind by those who were democratically elected.
Why would such a non-elected government enjoy such support even though it is clearly minded to administer tough austerity and painful measures which would normally lead to protests rather than acceptance?

It is simply because the Monti  government is perceived as a selfless attempt to do what is right for the country and not what makes sense to the private interest of politicians which unfortunately was the hallmark of the Berlusconi government that brought the country economically to its knees.

Monti has renounced to his Prime Ministerial and Ministerial remuneration.    Welfare Minister Elsa Fornero broke into tears when announcing austerity sacrifices, even though she is trying to remedy faults committed by others and personally carries no blame for the situation the country finds itself in.  Watch this video:

Lesson for Maltese politicians:  Lead by example.    If you demand sacrifices from people wear the austerity clothes yourselves before demanding them from others.  

Unfortunately we are experiencing the opposite ' follow what I say not what I do' syndrome.


  1. Ezatt bhal Malta mela!!

  2. Now that Malta has agreed to fiscal union let's start economizing from the cost of doing politics. Reduce seats in every district from 5 to 3 to have a parliament of 39 and cut all parliamentary and cabinet wages by half.