Friday, 2 December 2011

Who's responsible?

The Court has ordered the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) to pay Euro 99,000 to a former employee who was seconded to another government entity without upholding his conditions of employment. 

MTA had claimed that it was not satisfied with the employee's performance even though shortly after being engaged in 1999 he was promoted to a senior position in 2001.   If they were not satisfied they should have fired him not shuffle him onto another organisation.

I have no doubt that the court decision delivers some sort of justice to the injustice suffered by the employee.   But my question is who is going to make good for the injustice suffered by taxpayers?

Ultimately this comes out from taxpayers' pockets.   As taxpayers we have a right to know what measures MTA will take to discipline those responsible for this loss of face and loss of funds.

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  1. Better be careful not recommending MTA to discipline anybody lest they give the culprit a golden handshake to resign!!