Monday, 10 December 2012

A political Christmas

Whether the election campaign starts before or after the holidays, it does not change the fact that politics will be on our mind this Christmas.

Government has capriciously avoided earlier elections which were clearly in the national interest, and as a consequences we are spending Christmas under a care-taker government, without an approved budget, and with political instability that will force people to keep their purse closed this Christmas.  In the face of uncertainty consumers defer whatever expenditure that can be deferred.

The commercial sector should condemn the government for putting its own narrow Party interest before the good of the nation.

And how dare the government expect the opposition to vote for the Budget?    There is no opposition in any proper parliamentary democracy on earth that would vote for Government's budget.   

How cheeky for government to try to blame the Opposition for its inability to muster a majority for its budget.

Would it not have saved so much time, effort and energy if government would have gone for general elections before presenting the budget, when it had clear warning that the budget would never make it through parliament.

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