Saturday, 1 December 2012

Simon was never in doubt

I hate to say I told you so but I did.  In my TMIS article of 18th November 2012 ( click on the link below) I said :

Mr Fenech ought to know he does not stand a chance in front of the nomination of Dr Simon Busuttil and this for two reasons. Fenech does not offer the refreshed face credentials that Busuttil offers. Secondly the PN is not ready to break with its tradition to elect members from the legal profession to its leadership. Ask John Dalli!
This was when many others where tipping that Mr Fenech with the backing of most of the Cabinet would pip Dr Busuttil in a tight race.

What's the rest of the plan?   It is easy to read:

a.  Busuttil will try to convince Franco Debono to at least abstain from the Budget vote so that the nation can spend the Christmas holidays with a budget in place.

b.  Come what may, whether the budget is approved or not the election will be set for March 2013 together with local elections.

c. The PN will counter the PL's refreshed image by anointing Simon Busuttil as the leader who will take over from Dr Gonzi early in the next legislature if the PN is re-elected.

Nothing however changes the fact that the PN is split internally with the Leader, Deputy Leader and the chief strategists on one side and the rest of the Cabinet on the other side.

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