Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Blame Muscat!!

That should be the title of the PN's electoral manifesto:  BLAME MUSCAT!

If it rains blame Muscat.  If it doesn't blame Muscat.   A person from Mars just landing here would think that Muscat has been Prime Minister for the last quarter century rather than a new aspirant for the Prime Minister's job.

The  latest in this series was Minister Fenech today blaming Muscat for the sovereign downgrade Malta suffered  at the hands of Standard's & Poors.    Fenech proclaims this was because the Opposition voted against the Budget for 2013.   Government inability to amass a parliamentary majority for approval of such Budget has, according to Fenech, nothing to do with it.    Also the downgrade has nothing to do with government wasting a whole year of this nation's time when it spent 2012 limping along in parliament when it was clear that national interest demanded a quick termination to such instability by seeking a fresh electoral mandate.

Just in case your wife betrays you with your best friend, in case your teenager son abandons his study to enjoy Paceville, and if yesterday's hailstorm has pockmarked your car and you need to re-spray it, don't think twice about it, just BLAME MUSCAT.

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  1. why was MALTA downgraded also last year. There was a Government and elections were far off.The PL had been saying for quite some time that the debt of the Nation is not sustainable