Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Joseph with a billboard monopoly

If Joseph's back and front billboard is the best the PN could come up with in the closing days of this campaign then really they are already toast.

It confirms what I have stated before, that the PN were over-confident and disdainful towards Labour and never in their wildest dream they have configured that the PL was capable of making such an effective campaign which is a text book model of effective integrated marketing.

They were caught so much off-guard even though they had the advantage of blowing the whistle that they had to start with the billboard of Gonzi and Simon looking up, as if watching the festa fireworks, which normally they would have been scheduled to finish the campaign with.

Result is now they have nothing to wind up this campaign with except silly negative billboards  depicting Joseph as if he were a drug dealer.   No one can take them seriously anymore.

Result is that in the closing days of the campaign Joseph has a monopoly on billboards, front and back included, and Gonzi is nowhere to be seen.   

They chose a long campaign purposely to asphyxiate Labour.  Instead they are breathless themselves whilst Labour is marching on like a seasoned long distance runner.

They must be still arguing which is the best tag line to use for the closing message:
  • Futur fis-sod
  • Xoghol*Sahha*Edukazzjoni
  • Qabza ohra ta' kwalita'
Labour have no such problem as they have been consistently promoting:

  • Malta taghna lkoll

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