Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ten reasons why this time it's Labour

  • Because alternation is the essence of democracy.

  • Because like the third term Labour Government of 1981-1987, the third term PN government of 2008 - 2013 got too comfortable in power and helped themselves to the public jam jar (  EUR 500 a week pay rise behind our backs) and at the very least are politically responsible for massive corruption happening under their nose.

  • Because a 4th consecutive term would be a license to more executive comfort, disdain and corruption.

  • Because the PN have suffocated the business environment and household's purchasing power through cruel utility tariffs, missing several opportunities to switch to gas and protect our pockets and the environment.

  • Because the PN government has practically doubled the national debt in 10 years from EUR 2565 million as at end 2002 to EUR 4850 million ( estimate) end 2012.  We can't keep doubling our national debt every decade especially if we have no commensurate improvement in our infrastructure to show for it.

  • Because Joseph Muscat has managed to transform Labour in less than five years from a timid, defensive, inward looking negative organisation to a bubbly and positive movement.  If he can do the same for Malta we can really leverage our potential and get maximum mileage for taxpayers funds.

  • Because Labour came out with an energy policy which has left its critics breathless and confused.

  • Because Labour has committed itself to pass good corporate governance laws such as the Whistle blowers Act, law re political party funding and law removing prescription for political corruption offences, as a priority and before major executive decisions start being taken.   The PN did not find time to pass such essential leglisation in their 25 year tenure.

  • Because the Labour team has an interesting mix of experienced and fresh talent including some prominent candidates like Emanuel Mallia, Edward Scicluna and Konrad Mizzi who are only joining politics now after a successful career in the private sector.

  • Because in the end it is a simple choice between "Malta tal-klikka biss" and "Malta taghna lkoll"

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