Monday, 11 March 2013

Spot on

These are quotes from my article published last Sunday in the Malta Independent on Sunday and on this blog before the election result was known:

Polls by their own nature are indicative and when a third of the population refuses to participate,  polls should be taken with an even bigger dose of caution.    But if their consistency is taken in conjunction with other circumstantial evidence then I just cannot imagine that the polls will be proved materially wrong by the final result.
And again:

Taking the consistency of the polls and the various pieces of circumstantial evidence gives me confidence enough to predict that Joseph Muscat will be Malta’s next prime minister and with a margin that gives him a comfortable working majority.  If Labour can’t win this time, then when?
Some writers do look facts in the face and have the courage them to state them when others are too cautious to put themselves out on a limb.   There are others who cannot accept reality and continue insulting the people rather than respect their sovereignty.

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