Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Birds of same feather and collapsing cranes

High risk: A large part of the problem was the fact that the malfunction occurred at such a high pointPhoto: Darrin Zammit LupiWhat is the connection between the collapsed crane boom at Citigate project and the collapsing tower crane in the one57 luxury apartment 90 storey development in New York's Manhattan mid-town?

The connection is not just that the two incidents happened within a few hours of each other.  Also not only that thankfully no one was hurt in the incidents.   Not even that both accidents at work result from inadequate security and safety precautions especially the Manhattan incident where there was ample warning time to protect the equipment and machinery from the expected Sandy storm surge.

What I find particularly odd is that both projects are managed by the same Group - Lend Lease - formerly Bovis Lend Lease of UK.

What I find particularly revealing is not only the co-incidence of these two simultaneous incidents involving cranes but that Lend Lease has admitted just last April  to massive fraud regarding the claims they make on projects of the US government.   See link below:

construction_firm_bovis_lend_lease_admits to fraud.php

If they have the audacity to try to put a fast one past the US government just imagine what risk Maltese taxpayers are exposed to.
God only knows what the final bill of the City Gate project will amount to over and above the EUR 80 million estimate.  And don't forget this project was sold to Malita Investments, a company which is 30% owned by private shareholders, for a fixed price of EUR 80 million and government is committed to fund for its own account without commensurate benefit any excess in costs over and above the Euro 80 million.
Birds of same feather.......

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