Thursday, 25 October 2012

Laugh or cry?

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Yesterday Hon Minister Tonio Fenech made this stark statement in front of Parliament's Public Accounts Committee, as reported in The Times:

"Finance Minister Tonio Fenech explained that the government had decided that St Luke’s should not revert to health services.

Rather, it was being emptied of all services and the government was preparing a development brief which considered this site as a national strategic asset which could be marketed abroad, say as a financial city or an educational city. Plans are still being prepared."
This is nothing short of a cover up for discarding a sensible and evident solution and opting for a much more expensive and unsuitable solution which helps friends before the seats of power have to be vacated.    It is a cover for a clear betrayal of the interests of Maltese taxpayers.

If the government truly wants to make plans for a financial city and/or education city it has two ready sites for such project:

The first and most obvious is the site on which the Marsa power station is sitting which will be cleared and be available for development once the power station is closed hopefully sooner rather than later.  And secondly there is the White Rocks project which again is crying out for development much better than the dreamt and forgetten sports complex project.

Pull the other leg Tonio! This is no laughing matter, better to cry.

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