Saturday, 28 April 2001

Funding the Issue

The Times of Malta

When criticism is levelled at somebody who rather than refute or argue his case convincingly, avoids the issue completely and defends himself from accusations that were not made,` than the only logical conclusion I reach is that really there is no defence.

This is exactly what is happening to Lou Bondi` (The Times April 28) who is throwing liberally challenges here and` there in Manwel Cuschieri`s style he so much dislikes.

I have said it before that editorial policy of news and current affairs programmes on Super One media is the prerogative of the Labour Party. If he has any complaints to make he knows where to address them.` So I will not reply on Mr Cuschieri`s behalf.

My criticism is and remains that Xarabank is a tool to further the PN government`s agenda and Peppi Azzopardi pretence of being `redder` than Alfred Sant is a strategy driven by Lou Bondi` to attract a labour audience to hear a nationalist message on state television.

My criticism remains that Lou Bondi`s attacks on Alfred Sant for refusing to accept to resign should investigations he demanded on Minister Gatt`s behaviour in the debacle involving his private secretariat prove inconclusive in finding any blame on the Minister`s part,` are ridiculous and shows whose agenda he is actually pushing.

My criticism remains that Lou Bondi` s expecting Alfred Sant to stop criticising the useless presidential pardons which have all the ingredients of political manipulation is unworthy of anyone who pretends to be an objective commentator.

On these and any` other criticism I make I will face Lou quite willingly. As to the medium why look beyond his Virtwali` But why try to discuss with me accustions I have not made and escape from replying to criticism that I make`

Alfred Mifsud

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