Monday, 25 February 2013

Everybody loves a one horse race


As we enter the last 11 days of the campaign the PN has tried it all ways without success.
And the winner is ... Sepp Blatter yesterday
Like Gonzi
Blatter likes one-horse races
Nationalist Party leader submitting his leadership election nomination form to general secretary Paul Borg Olivier, yesterday. Photo: Chris Sant Fournier
Gonzi submitting his application
for a one horse race
to PBO in Feb 2012

They tried to make fun of Dr Anglu Farrugia when he was still Deputy Leader of the PL. They tried to glorify him after he resigned to tickle him to rebel against the Party he forms part of.

They packed Dr Tonio Borg off to Brussels and anointed Simon Busuttil as a future Prime Minister to attempt to offer change within the Party itself in order to keep within its fold those who had lost faith in Gonzi

They promised heaven on earth including an expenditure of Euro 1.2 billion as costed out in their programme.   They tried to scaremonger voters from floating towards Labour, arguing that under Labour the country would go to the wall.

When nothing worked and the numbers were still stuck against them as the race is closing in, they decided to start throwing mud by inventing stories, telling half truths and twisting facts.   A lawyer has been found guilty with the sins of his clients' opponent.   An accountant has been found guilty for the sins of his fraudulent client.   Someone becomes a liar because he does not believe the lies related to him by third parties.

They even started a despicable campaign of threats.     Joseph Muscat has been asked to explain the work he did when he was an investment advisor before becoming an MEP, in spite of his being properly licensed and operating strictly within the law.   Keith Schembri has been projected as the evil person to be put under the spotlight because like many others he is giving his heart and energy to Labour's campaign.  As if Keith needs any body's permission to do so.

Still nothing works.   But today they came out with a novel idea.    The PN can still win the election if it becomes a one-horse race.   Apparently Gonzi likes the one-horse race method as he adopted for  his reconfirmation as PN Leader when Franco Debono and others started rebelling.

So yes the PN is still in with a chance  if the election becomes a one horse race.  So The PN has made an appeal for Joseph and Toni to retire;

Joseph Muscat should withdraw his candidature - PBO

There is still hope for the PN - but first Joseph has to retire.  Everybody loves a one-horse race!!


  1. Jigifieri qed tiddefendi lil min jahbi t-traffikar tad-droga mill-gustizzja?

  2. Jigifieri Malta zghira u n-nies maghrufa!!