Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spot the difference between real journalism and gutter journalism

Differentiates clearly between fact and opinion.
Mixes facts and opinions deliberately so one has difficulty to distinguish what is what.
Presumes that people are innocent until found guilty.
Presumption of guilt or innocence depends on political orientation of the person concerned.
Every person is considered as an individual
Makes deliberate and devious connection to family, friends and whatever suits the journalist’s subjectivity.
Criticism is directed to ideas and performance. Never personal.  Never attempts to assassinate anybody’s character.
Criticism is meant to assassinate characters often hitting a proximate target to rebound on a distant objective which may be made to look connected.  Character assassination becomes stock in trade as innuendos and unfair judgements are presented as facts.
Seeks political responsibility and leaves criminal proceedings in the free hands of law enforcement authorities
Seeks trial by media meant to put pressure on law enforcement authorities.
Relies on analysis and fair comment about undeniable facts
Relies on asking questions to sow doubts often seeking information which cannot and should not be given  in terms of privacy rights.
Makes analysis in the content
Seeks prejudice in the title
Serves democracy and good governance
Abuses democracy and free press rights

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