Friday, 22 February 2013

I believe in father christmas

I believe:

  • That the PN switched to dirty mud-slinging in the latter part of the election campaign because they are comfortable with the poll numbers.

  • That in their regular meetings every quarter when responsible for Enemalta,   Minister Austin Gatt never spoke to rogue oil trader turned state witness about Enemalta's oil procurement .

  • That Minister Gatt and George Farrugia spoke mostly about the Hamrun festa when they met.

  • That Trafigura and Total paid commissions to their local agent because they are kind hearted not because George Farrugia delivered added value through his intimacy with the Minister responsible for Enemalta.

  • That there is no way that politicians could have been aware of the corruption going on at Enemalta over a long period of time.

  • That politicians should not be held responsible when they fail to install corporate governance systems, with adequate checks and balances, in the organisations they are poltically responsible for.

  • That it was just bad luck that a cash cow like MOBC had to be closed down and sold to private interests who made a killing out of  it.

  • That no  PN Minister ever received any gifts from any person that benefited from the corruption at Enemalta

  • That Father Christmas lived on 34th Street.

  • That the tooth fairy is real
I believe.....

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