Thursday, 7 February 2013

He's done it again and again

The face of a Nationalist

Dr Simon Busuttil, the PNs Dputy Leader has done it again, and again and again.

In just two days he managed to utter three stupidities.

First he said he should not be quizzed about publication of the Financial Accounts of the PN because he has been Deputy Leader for just two months.   Does he infer that the PN's sins of commission or omission before he was elected may be wiped off so that he can start with a clean slate?

Then  he said the you can tell Nationalists by their looks.    He refrained from giving more details which we await with mouth wide open, but for sure Dr. Deborah Schembri has the face of a Nationalist.   Great research is going on on Deborah's face features to try to back up the assertion of Dr Busuttil.

Today he made it tripod.   As they say in Maltese
'fuq tlieta toqghod il-borma'
He said that :

“They (Labour) took all my ideas and put them in their manifesto.”

My ideas?    Not even our ideas?

The difference is clear.  The PN's programme is a top to bottom one man show.   The PL's manifesto is a bottom up group performance involving not only the party roots but civil society and all stake holders in society at large.    Its an effort spun over several years not just over the last two months.

No wonder that momentum is behind Labour.  There is much more sense of ownership and togetherness in the PL's movement than there is in the PN's duo which has now been converted into a soliloquy.


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