Sunday, 22 October 2000

Letter to the Editor - Meat and Posion

The Sunday Times of Malta

Editor, The Sunday Times, Valletta

Dear Mr Grech,

Meat and Poison

Lino Spiteri prefers a trade weighted basket for fixing the external value of the Maltese Lira.` I prefer an export trade weighted (based on net real value added not gross exports).` That`s a technical argument to which we are both entitled to hold our opinion.` But it is not the point I had made in my letter of 15th October 2000.

The point I made was that his assertion that I favour adopting the Euro as our currency is untrue. In a book I published last year I clearly stated:

`Meanwhile I am very much in favour of aligning the external value of our currency to the Euro without in effect being tied by the stranglehold of a monetary union for which we are far from being prepared`

Whether there is a great difference between total link with the Euro and its adoption as our official currency just ask the Danes.` In spite of their saying no to the latter they continue to live with the former.

As to the reasons why this untruth had to be said about me whilst incorrectly pitching me against the views expounded in parliament by Labour`s main spokesperson on the subject is the question I ask.` I am seeking not offering answers. Whilst being grateful for the kind comments Mr Spiteri had about me in this past this cannot be a license to say that I said what in fact I have not said.


Alfred Mifsud

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