Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Democratic fraud

In parliament yesterday:

Minister Dr Mario Demarco:
That the opposition had moved a no-confidence motion when there was no reason for it amounted to democratic fraud
Minister Mr Tonio Fenech:

there are no arguments as to why there should be a no confidence vote in the government and it was the opposition’s motion that was causing instability
I find this a perfect example of inverse logic.  There is no reason for vote of no confidence, eh!!   What reason is required beyond the maths that going by Dr Franco Debono statements the government no longer commands a majority in parliament?

The opposition causing instability?   In my dictionary instability is sourced by a government continuing to execute without being sure it commands a majority in parliament.  

Has the PN been so long in power that they forgot the basic rules of democracy?

Even if the government were performing an outstanding job, which clearly it isn't, without majority support in parliament it is the Opposition's duty to present a motion of no-confidence if the government refuses to move its own motion of confidence.   It is just obvious that the Opposition thinks it can do a better job than government just as it is obvious that the government thinks itself indispensable for the country.

In the end the people will speak through the ballot box.  That's simple democracy!   Anything else is democratic fraud.

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