Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hands off the Constitution!!

According to The Times of today:

The Nationalist and Labour parties are both open to discussing a future change to the Constitution to avoid situations where a government ends up with a one-seat majority in Parliament.

Hands off the Constitution!  If the voters want to have a government with one seat majority, then so be it.   Governments should never feel too comfortable in office.  

Any constitutional change should be only made if it reflects better the will of the electorate.   The number of majority seats in parliament should reflect the majority of votes.    If voters give a three seat equivalent vote majority but due to usual gerrymandering of district delineation government ends without a majority or with just one seat majority then it is fine to change the constitution in this sense.

But giving any government a stronger majority than that willed by the electorate is not in my democratic dictionary.

Please show some respect to the sovereignty of voters.

1 comment:

  1. Hands off indeed! X'irid Gonzi? Xi magguranza ta tlett siggijiet meta ghandu Bissau nods kwota vote izjed? X'arroganza!