Sunday, 1 January 2012

A New Year resolution for the Nation

Rendering ourselves ridiculous
Let's make a resolution for the New Year which not only does not cost any money but indeed it saves both expenses and blushes.

Let's resolve that we stop making ourselves ridiculous posting senseless signs, the sort of the one that has been set up for weeks at the Paceville entrance junction,  telling us that the road has been resurfaced by Transport Malta.

Just imagaine what a funny impression tourists get about us showing off by a prominent sign in the heart of the main tourist hub simply to mark that a perfectly maintenance job, the re-surfacing of a road, has been completed.

If Transport Malta ever builds the multi level trafiic junction so necessray at this spot and further down near the old ' tank tal-gass' what sort of sign will Transport Malta fix?  Probably something like the flashy signs of Piccadilly Circus!!

Get real and stop making us look ridiculous!

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  1. How true! There is also a similar sign on the road from Lija to Naxxar just because they quickly resurfaced a 100 metro stretch near Kinds. On one side of the road.