Friday, 6 January 2012

What a day!

Development No 1

The government has rescinded the ministerial pay rise which was decided in 2008.

When Government introduced these pay rises they were given by stealth and they were discovered much later  to the consternation of the whole nation that was being asked to accept austerity.    Now that the election is on the horizon  the pay rises get publicly and officially rescinded, but not with retroactive effect.

Does government expect us to applaud?

I consider this gesture as an insult to my intelligence.

Development No 2

Three parliamentary secretaries made ministers

Probably these three deserve the promotion as they worked better than some fully fledged ministers.   But how would anyone working on the Titanic feel if the Captain handed his promotion letter just before his call for abandon ship?

Development No 3

Cabinet reshuffle

The Prime Minister seems to have reshuffled the ministries out of convenience rather than conviction purely hoping to secure Franco Debono's support in parliament.   It seems to have backfired.

Development No 4

Franco Debono: "I have absolutely no confidence in the government"

There are no two ways about this : government no longer commands a parliamentary majority.   What goes round comes around even if it takes thirteen years.   My views are the same as they were in 1998.  The seat belongs to its holder but the parliamentary vote belongs to the Party on whose platform the holder was elected.  But the PN did not argue that way in 1998 and certainly cannot argue that way now.

Development No 5

Opposition leader calls on PM to seek vote of confidence

There is no need for such call.  Government has an obligation to seek a vote of confidence given that Franco Debono's  position negates its thin parliamentary majority.

What a day! And it has not ended yet.

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