Friday, 27 January 2012

Three winners one BIG loser

The events in parliament yesterday produced three winners and one big LOSER.


The PN -
gained some more time in government and can organise the electoral test under less stress.

The PL -

solidified the perception as a government in waiting and as the PN government increasingly looks like  a zombie it improved its chances of winning the next general elections.
Dr Franco Debono -

kept himself in the limelight as he continues to hold the sword of Damocles over the GonziPN government's head.

The nation and the general public - the vote accentuated the political instability causing deferral of investments and general stagnation of the economy.   Even worse it risks seeing its hard earned tax money frivolously spent by a government trying to "buy" votes through electoral favours in the knowledge that either the next budget will be somebody else's responsibility or that it will have another five year tenure in front of it to roll back the electoral favours.  Remember the difference between the budget for 2008 and the one for 2009?

Lord, why should the taxpayers always finish with the short straw?   Anyone for a taxpayers revolution?

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