Sunday, 22 January 2012

Shaping the PN dynasty by burning bridges

You would expect that following Edwin Vassallo's exhortations to Franco Debono that the PN doors were still open for him and that he will find all the necessary space to meet his aspiration within the PN fold, an effort would have been made in this last weekend before the confidence vote that could make or break the PN government, to smooth talk Franco away from his belligerence.

But it is evident that no one is really in control at the PN's house and there are young turks who are prepared to burn the Gonzi government in order to shape themselves up for the PN leadership as Gonzi will have to leave after an election defeat.

There can be no other explanation to the way that Beppe Fenech Adami went out of his way yesterday to ensure that all bridges between Franco Debono and the PN get burned beyond repair and thus guarantee Gonzi's downfall this week in Parliament.

Evidently there is a dynasty in the making within the PN fold.  Don't be surprised if the next leadership will again be a contest between the Fenech Adami and Demarco dynasties as had happened in 1977 when Eddie Fenech Adami was elected to lead the PN in preference to Guido Demarco.

Obviously this will keep the tradition of lawyers at the helm at the PN who has no space for anyone from the modern professions even if he comes in the quality of John Dalli.

Contrast that to Labour whose only experience of having a lawyer at the helm ( KMB) was disastrous and never won an election.   Otherwise it had a medical doctor (Boffa) an architect (Mintoff) and two Economists/Management Professionals ( Sant and Muscat).

But in the PL there are no dynasties, thankfully.

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