Sunday, 29 January 2012

PN General Council: what exactly are they discussing?

I am hearing the Secretary General of the PN Dr Paul Borg Olivier addressing the General Council and he is saying that the choice today is between the experienced and safe hands of Dr Gonzi and the inexperienced hands of Dr Joseph Muscat.

Forgive me, but that would be the choice when and if elections are called.  The choice today is whether the PN can limp on in government without commanding a parliamentary majority, with all the instability and adverse consequences that would entail, or go for early elections.

That's what they should be talking about not the usual Labour bashing which is a mere monologue repetition of what they had all the chance to speak about in parliament in four days debate about the no confidence motion.

Somebody should call order!


  1. I have been asking this all along! What a waste of time.....mhux ta bxejn Franco ma marx!

  2. LG seems desperate this morning.I don't blame him he must be dizzy in the midst of all that Partit Nazzjonalista wallpaper.

  3. Finally Dr Gonzi comes to the point. He asked for a vote of confidence from the PN. He is like someone who loses his wallet in Qrendi and goes to look for it in Valletta? What a waste of time! He should seek the vote of confidence in parliament. Or better still he should simply ask Franco Debono?

  4. ...but he already won d vote of confidence in parliament, no?.....or do you mean a personal vote of confidence in him as PM?

  5. Not quite. He was not defeated by a vote of no confidence which is quite different from winning a vote of confidence. If he needs a vote of confidence, and I surely thing he needs it, he should seek it in parliament not in the PN.

    1. I a agree with you Gonzi is alone playing for time so that the PN will look that the party is unite after their leader befor going to election